I-Square for insurance Agents

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The I-Square concept addresses a staggering truth that businesses are increasingly becoming aware of: The website is obsolete.  The Nielson and Norman Consumer Research Group frankly states, "People scarcely read anything during an average website visit."  "Instead, they scan the page, picking out individual words and sentences."

Consumers browsing a website and dutifully sorting through mounds of reading material is a thing of the past.  The internet is now an I-phone accessible, point and click, touch screen environment.  The traditional website has become remarkably ineffective.

So what's a business to do?  Augment your website and engage prospects, with I-Square technology!

Today's tech generation expects a clean interactive format that gives them control, and gets to the point quickly.  Your I-Square does that.  Visitors will grasp immediately that your I-Square is not about the typical passive browsing experience.

chart of I-square website

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An I-Square gets to the point:   "What product do you feel you need assistance with?"  This is coupled with the responsive, touch screen, point and click format that today's generation expects.  The result is a subtle, yet powerful provocation for the consumer to take action.

The website concept is obsolete.
Websites naturally encourage uncommitted browsing.  An I-Square encourages a response.

What if you only represent a few products?
Then you need I-Square more than ever!  With I-Square, you can begin making connections and bartering with other insurance professionals concerning products you do not directly represent.   And because an I-Square site can display anything, you can work with a variety of professionals, such as real estate agents, dentists, and more.  Now you're talking business!

Additional advantage:  I-Square is not just one website!
Your one I-Square website can morph into to a minimum of 20 content unique sites.  All sites are online simultaneously.  Your mutiple sites can be smartly used for unique employer groups, Search Engine Optimization, newsletters, viral campaigns, etc.

business person with ipad

Your I-Square communicates with you.
Your Square will capture the pertinent information from a visitor and notify you via email.  It will also save all the customer particulars in a password protected panel that only you have assess to.

business person looking at globe
I-Squares are maintained and upgraded to be responsive and multi-device compatible.
Are you tired of discovering that every few years, your website is "out of date" and not rendering properly on the latest's browsers, phones, pads, or other devices?  You can spend thousands trying to maintain functionality within a changing array of platforms, or you can utilize I-Square.  I-Square takes care of all that*

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Your I-Square is multilingual.
English may not be your client's native language.  Clients can translate verbiage within the I-square into their native language with a click of the mouse.  Go ahead and break a few barriers!

Your I-Square is flexible.
Your Square can show any product you wish.  You can insert your own verbiage and links.  Serve your clients a link to your website.  Send them off to your online quoting tool.  Or simply collect the contact information.  You're in control.

business team

Dynamically link with Real Estate Agents and other professionals.
You can't find a stronger source for leads than an active real estate agent.   We have just created the I-Square system for Real Estate Agents.  If an I-Square real estate agent agrees, you can have your business featured on that realtor's I-Square, with a couple of clicks!

business team
(A realtor I-Square with your product link included.)

Nearly one in three clients who views an I-Square link will choose a product to get more information on.  A stratospheric result when compared to a website alone.