So, what is I-Square?

Outpace the competition by utilizing our localized viral marketing platform.
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In the past . . .

When a prospect visited your site by computer or mobile device, all they would see was the same general generic information that everyone else saw.

business team
cat in theatre

" . . . as if every potential client was the exact same person."

business people

Of course, people are not the same.  Everyone has unique needs and circumstances.

crowd of consumers

Imagine the advantages if each site visitor enjoyed ongoing content that was uniquely focused on their needs.  That's I-Square!

home theatre

Amazingly, an I-Square site can provide unique, ongoing information to exactly address each prospects specific concerns - a home, neighborhood, mortgage information, lifestyle, childcare, etc.

people communicating

Something you naturally do when communicating with another human!  There's more . . .

Not only can I-Square communicate uniquely with multiple prospects at the same time . . .

crowd of people

  I-Square features viral marketing capability.  Experience ever-expanding circles of social media engagement with potential prospects, all without having to lift a finger!

Sounds impossible right?  Well, what was impossible before, is now easy.  Welcome to I-Square.

crowd of people

Dramatically separate yourself from the competition with I-Square.

crowd of consumers

Grow your business using viral marketing capabilities that were impossible prior to I-Square.

Times have changed.  I-Square is designed for how people interact and communicate right now.  Super easy to utilize.  Insanely powerful.  I-Square changes everything!