Websites For Realtors.


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If you are looking for websites for realtors, there are a myriad of websites to choose from.  They all feature pretty images and enticing text.  But are there really any true difference between one realtor site and another?  From the consumer's stand point, every Realtor website looks pretty much the same.  You are not going to "wow" a contact with fancy images or videos on your site.  They've seen it all before.  So what on earth can you do to make an impression on your website visitors?  Thanks to I-Square, an awful lot!  I-Square is about web personalization.  Real estate agents all over the country are utilizing it now. 

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While other websites for Realtors are displaying generic content and pretty pictures, I-Square websites are displaying timely, personalized content featuring precisely what the prospect is looking for!  The advantages of having a Realtor website that can display unique personal information to contacts is obvious.  Real estate has always been a relationship business.  A personal interaction between the real estate broker and potential clients is of course, ideal.  The issue is the fact that a personal interaction via your website was impossible - that is until now . . .    Read more