Imagine your website as a movie theater.  It is represented by the movie theater below.  As when prospects view your website, everyone in the theater sees the exact same thing.  There is nothing personal about it.

old movie theatre

I-Square is like the private showing below.  Each prospect is treated to a unique website, in which all content is personalized to speak precisely to their circumstance and lifestyle.  Content can be instantly changed as the conversation between you and your prospect changes and develops.  The prospect is actually the star of the show!  You own a minimum of 100 theaters.  Like a theater, you can change what you are showing, as well as who you are showing it to, any time you choose.

home movie theatre

So why would you want to provide unique websites for each prospect?

For the same reason Google, Facebook, Yahoo and others are developing systems that serve personalized web content to their website visitors.  The closer content is matched to the site visitor, the higher the visitor retention rate.  Utilize this same principle to turn prospects into clients.

Secondly, as every real estate site features almost exactly the same information, how could any agent expect to get ahead of the competition?  Displaying the same impersonal information as everyone else, simply does not make sense!

This is just the first of a long list of I-Square advantages.  Read on to fully understand the power of the Square!