I-Square is essential because the way people communicate has changed.

It is estimated that as high as 50% of drivers in America are underinsured.

Nationwide Insurance estimates that 2 of 3 homes in the U.S. are underinsured.

60% of people who rent a home or apartment do not have renters insurance.

40% of Americans who have life insurance coverage don't think they have enough.

92% of Americans are baffled by the Affordable Care Act.

It is estimated that over 70% of Americans have never even heard of critical illness insurance.

It's clear.  When it comes to insurance, the consumer is being underserved.  And when life happens, consumers are getting burned.  The problem is growing.  The important question is why?  Why are insurance agents unable to adequately reach consumers?

The problem is, the way people communicate and interact has changed.

Most consumers are aware they may have an insurance problem, and they want help from an insurance agent.  However, consumers are more constrained for time than ever before.  They are unwilling to cede the time necessary to go through endless text on a website, or spend an hour or two sitting with an insurance agent.  Fairly, or unfairly, they want to get to the point quickly.  The result is an exasperating conundrum.  Opportunities are lost because insurance professionals require more time to do their job than consumers are initially prepared to give!  Consequently, in the end, nothing gets done - because nothing gets started.   In a society where people are increasingly pressed for time, the window insurance agents have to get the attention of the consumer is very, very small.

The I-Square web link is designed to garner interaction from the consumer within this new limited time frame.

The I-Square is different because it gets right to the point.  It places the consumer squarely in charge by presenting choices.  The format invites and prompts interaction.  Now a consumer can address an issue that has been in the back of their mind with a couple of clicks!   Of course as an agent, you know an information request is only the beginning.  It will be your job to educate and place the proper coverage for your client.  However, the important thing is, you were afforded a beginning!

Requests for information and assistance is the beginning of dialog that ultimately leads to sales.  I-Square is designed to make those requests happen.  That is what makes I-Square absolutely essential in today's market.