Email Signature
The signature section of your email correspondences or email newsletters, is the perfect place to put an I-square.  Instead of inviting your email contacts to visit your static website  (which of course, they never actually visit),  seek out new business with your I-Square link!  We recommend a call to action hyperlink like:   "Discover where you can trim insurance costs".

Groups and Associations
You can create a unique I-Square link for each of your groups and associations.  With I-Square, you can get your entire line of products in front of multiple employees and their families.  Within your I-Square password protected panel, you can identify and sort product requests based on your unique groups.

On your website
A prominent spot on your website is the perfect place.  Enhance the functionality of your site by adding a call to action, I-Square button.

As a website
Don't have a website?  Use your I-Square as a website!   Your I-Square can do anything a website can do, plus a whole lot more.

And oh yeah . . . Social Media!  (A no-brainer)
Instead of driving social media likes, friends, invites, circles, followers, pins, etc to your static website, direct them to your response provoking I-Square!  Your odds of interaction are immediately and exponentially, increased.  Now you're wielding the power of the Square!