Do I need any technical knowledge?
None.  I-Square is designed to be ridiculously simple to work with.  If you're an insurance broker, you can have a fully functional I-Square online in minutes.   It will take longer for other professionals to create their I-Square, because they will be adding more unique content.

Can you design I-Square to match the look of my current site?

Can I control what is shown within my I-Square?
Yes.  All I-Square members have access to a password protected panel that provides comprehensive editing capabilities.  It is super easy to manage, and quite extensive.  In addition, there are all kinds of product, information, and calculator squares that you can add to your I-Squares with just a click.

Should I-Square replace my current website?
Ideally, I-Square should function in concert  with your website.  However, it can be utilized as a stand-alone website.
Occasionally, consumers have an uninterrupted hour or so that they can devote to gathering information.  On such occasions, a traditional website is ideal.  Unfortunately, today's consumers rarely find such time.  The reality is, in our ultra-fast paced society, consumers grab information in snapshots, when they can find the time.  This is when an I-Square is ideal.  Once you understand how consumers utilize the internet today, it is easy to see why I-Square is absolutely essential.

Where should I use my I-Square?
It should be utilized whenever the goal is to garner interaction and response.  An I-Square link should be present within the signature section of all email correspondences with consumers.  There should be a link on your website.  An I-Square can also be utilized as a website.  An I-Square link should absolutely be presented within all company newsletters, social media campaigns, Facebook pages, etc.

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