Prospects enjoy ongoing private texting capability.
You and your prospects can engage in ongoing texting conversations via the website itself.  These relationship building conversations can span weeks or months.  Amazingly, each prospect only sees their conversation.

Powerful vanity url capability.
I-Square makes it possible to embed the name of any prospect right into the url address they use to pull up your website (e.g.  It's a powerful personal touch that makes it far more likely that the prospect will remember your website and return there.  After all, whose name is a prospect most likely to remember - your name, or their own name?

No need to replace your current website.
I-Square can be utilized as a stand-alone site, or as a powerful complement to your current site.
Wean your business off the lead purchasing money pit.
I-Square ushers in a whole new realm of powerful marketing capabilities that simply cannot be achieved with an ordinary site.  Utilize new I-Square concepts to develop your own exclusive lead sources.

With I-Square, you can create a network of professionals that refer business to you - for free.
Why work alone when there are untapped lead resources all around you?   Because I-Squares can display anything, they are a marketing magnet for all sorts of businesses.  So, take advantage!  Spread your wings and deftly develop a network of business owners and professionals that have loyalties to you.
  two people shaking hands
Client holding ipad   I-Squares are maintained and upgraded to be responsive and multi-device compatible.
Are you tired of discovering that every few years, your website is "out of date" and not rendering properly on the latest's browsers, phones, pads, or other devices?  You can spend thousands trying to maintain functionality within a changing array of platforms, or you can utilize I-Square.  I-Square takes care of all that*
Your I-Square communicates with you.
Your Square will capture the pertinent visitor information collected from forms or questionairres and notify you via email.  It will also save all the particulars in a password protected panel that only you have access to.

Your I-Square is multilingual.
English may not be your client's native language.  Clients can translate verbiage within the I-square into their native language with a click of the mouse.  Go ahead and break a few barriers!
  client using cell phone
several internet communication devices   Designed for how the internet is used today.
The Nielsen Norman Group, a highly respected marketing think tank, states: People rarely read web pages word by word; instead, they scan the page, picking out individual words and sentences.  I-Square's bold, topic oriented design, takes full advantage of this consumer trend.  The result is a significant increase in consumer interaction and response.

And we've just scratched the surface.
There's a whole new world of fantastic capabilities that simply were not possible prior to I-Square.  See and utilize the internet differently.